Bicycle Accidents

There is nothing scarier than riding a bicycle or scooter along side moving traffic. Cars and trucks go whizzing by as the cyclist navigates the road. A cyclist is not only concerned with the moving traffic, but has to consider the route, the elements especially wind and rain, the surface condition and foreign objects in the roadway. All the while, a bicycle or scooter, like a motorcycle is difficult to see at times. No matter if a bicycle is equipped with a light or the rider is decked out in bright colors, drivers of motorized vehicles often do not see bicyclists. Therefore, every added precaution a cyclist can take will benefit them insuring an injury free and enjoyable uneventful ride.

Unfortunately, when there is a collision involving a cyclist or scooter, the injuries are severe. There is no protection fro a moving vehicle, and nothing to protect a cyclist from being thrown to the ground. The injuries usually involve fractures, road rash, contusions, lacerations, concussions, brain injuries, emotional injuries and disfigurement. To an avid cyclist the emotional injuries could prove to be the most difficult to overcome, as cycling is a way of life.

Here are some basic statistics regarding bicycle accidents: According to the NHTSA, pedal cyclists accounted for 2% of all traffic fatalities and made up 2% of all people injured in traffic crashes during 2008. 21% or approximately 11,000 of the cyclists who were injured in 2008, were age 14 or younger. Children often ride their bicycles in their neighborhood without fear and without paying attention. Errant drivers do not see the children or do not anticipate the child's next move and collision results. Always wear a helmet. Bicycle helmets offer bicyclists the best protection from head injuries resulting from bicycle crashes and bicycle helmet laws have proved effective in increasing bicycle helmet use. Without your head, the rest of your body cannot function, so protect it the best way you can, with a helmet.

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