Dog Bites

A dog is considered by most "A Man's Best Friend". However, our canine friends and other animals are unpredictable and sometimes can be overly protective of their owners or their property. When this happens, the animal strikes, and the bite or attack usually results in serious injury. An animal bite or attack leaves a forever scar both physically and mentally. Bite and attack victims are often consulted for psychiatric and emotional trauma as well as for the physical injuries sustained by the bite or attack. The emotions last for many years and sometimes for a life time. These emotions are usually invoked by the ugly and unsightly scars the bite or attack has left behind as a constant reminder or topic of discussion. The injuries can include, Lacerations, Puncture Wounds, Rabies, Fractures, Torn Ligaments, Scarring, Emotional Trauma and even Death.

Millions of Americans fall victim to dog bites or animal attacks each year. If an animal bite or attack has occurred to you or a loved one, you are entitled to compensation for medical expenses, future medical care, lost past and future earnings, emotional injuries, and for pain and suffering. It's unfortunate, but most animal bites or attacks are from animals belonging to a family member or friend and the majority of these incidents happen at home or in familiar place. It has also been shown that dog bites and attacks are the second most common cause of childhood injury, surpassing playground accidents. Of those, the majority of dog bite or attack injuries involve the face or hands and can result in crippling disfigurement.

According to State law, dog and animal owners are responsible for their animal's actions. If a bite occurs, an owner is strictly liable for all damages and injuries resulting from the bite. Compensation and recovery for your damages will come from the animal owner, their homeowners insurance or renters insurance. Regardless, the owner of the animal is ultimately responsible. The local Health Care Agency which runs Animal Control investigates animal bites and attacks. They are the appropriate governmental authority to report the incident to, investigate the incident, and to make written findings and recommendations of the incident. They also quarantine animals, evaluate the vicious propensities of animals and capture and put down nuisance animals. In addition, there are many local ordinances which govern animal ownership. These local laws prohibit animals on the loose in public areas, contain leash laws, and regulate confinement of certain animals. Local laws with the assistance of the local Health Care Agency also govern licensing and vaccination requirements. Let BARRETT INJURY LAW get the answers and compensation you are entitled. CONTACT US NOW so we can start the legal process with the local Health Care Agency and research the animal owner and/or their insurance information.