"I was recently involved in a severe automobile collision where I suffered extensive shoulder trauma and my vehicle needed major repairs. I did not know what to do. The staff at BARRETT INJURY LAW provided me with the guidance and expertise that I needed, and now I am on my way to recovery. They provided medical referrals, suggested where to have my vehicle repaired and were always available when I called. I never had to deal with the insurance companies directly. I would definitely recommend BARRETT INJURY LAW to anyone who has been traumatized such as I have as a result of an automobile accident. Thank you BARRETT INJURY LAW." Chris B. (Mission Viejo)

"Two years ago, I was hospitalized with multiple fractures and internal injuries after a tire failed on the rental truck I was driving. I was concerned about the surmounting medical and hospital bills, and all the time I was missing from work. Mr. Barrett at BARRETT INJURY LAW addressed my concerns and outlined his plan of attack against the rental company. I am glad to say that I am feeling better and everything worked out. BARRETT INJURY LAW took care of everything for me. In just under two years, Mr. Barrett was able to secure a large sum of money for me as part of a confidential settlement. Thanks, Mr. Barrett." Robert R. (Newport Beach)

"While working in LA, I was run over by a semi-truck backing up as I was a pedestrian crossing the street. I am lucky to be alive, as I had a severe crush injury to my mid-section. The team at BARRETT INJURY LAW resolved my case against the trucking company and their driver for the policy limits. They assisted me in establishing a structured settlement where my money was put into an annuity , and now the money is growing everyday and I receive a check for several thousand dollars every month for the rest of my life. I owe my monthly support to BARRETT INJURY LAW, thank you again." Randy F. (Huntington Beach)

"After being viciously attacked by a pitbull, I was helpless. I did not know where the dog came from or who owned it. BARRETT INJURY LAW investigated my case and found the dog owner, who was in denial, and my attorneys proved that the dog came from their yard. I have been left with physical and emotional scars. My attorneys were able to successfully resolve my case for a substantial amount of money." Beth O. (Cerritos)

"My 5 year old nephew was bitten in the face by a loose dog. He has been scarred for life. BARRETT INJURY LAW was able to resolve his case for a lot of money and set my nephew up with a college fund that he can access after he is eighteen years old. We are grateful to BARRETT INJURY LAW." Wilson Y (Anaheim)

"I lost my father in a motorcycle accident. He held on for 10 days in the hospital, then his heart gave out. BARRETT INJURY LAW explained at first my father's personal injury rights, then after he passed away, they explained my wrongful death rights. This was a sad time in my life, and I was glad to have Mr. Barrett and BARRETT INJURY LAW there to help me through it. Thank you. I miss my father deeply." Melissa B. (Thousand Oaks)

"When going to a school sponsored basketball game, my daughter was a rear passenger in the coach's car, when their vehicle was struck head-on. Everyone in both vehicles were severely injured. BARRETT INJURY LAW amicably resolved the matter amongst all of the passengers and my daughter received the majority. I was very happy with how BARRETT INJURY LAW handled my daughter's case." LaTonya W. (Fairfield)

"During an exercise class I incurred a severe eye injury that required immediate surgery. During my recovery, I hired BARRETT INJURY LAW to pursue my rights against the gym for the negligence of their instructors and employees. BARRETT INJURY LAW won my case and I was able to be fully compensated for my injuries. I owe a big thank you to BARRETT INJURY LAW". Audry L. (Laguna Niguel)

"Being an elderly gentleman living alone, I hired a security company to install an alarm system in my home. While doing so and without warning, the installers left wires stretched across the doorway directly in my path. I did not notice the wires and tripped and fell onto the tile floor. I smashed my face fracturing my cheek bones and nasal cavity. I was a mess, and only had the coupon with the alarm company's name and (800) number on it. The installer had left to get additional tools and when he returned I was already at the hospital. With little information, I didn't know what to do. I called Mr. Barrett at BARRETT INJURY LAW and he helped me find the correct company and their out-of-state insurance company. He resolved my case in four months and I am grateful to him and BARRETT INJURY LAW." Wayne B (Mission Viejo)

"Twenty years ago, I was Mr. Barrett's first personal injury client after he had left the BIG law firm he was working for. I was on a motorcycle when a truck carrying Christmas trees made a left turn in front of me cutting me off, sending me to the pavement, and ultimately to the hospital. It turned out that the driver of the truck had been driving over fifteen hours straight from up North and was turning into a motel parking lot to check-in. BARRETT INJURY LAW proved that the driver was too tired and over-worked and shouldn't have been driving. BARRETT INJURY LAW got me the maximum settlement of several hundred thousand dollars. Thanks BARRETT INJURY LAW, I will always be loyal." Thomas G. (Westminster)

"As I was crossing the street in front of a hospital after dropping off my sick husband, I was violently struck by a speeding car that put me in a bed along side my husband in the hospital. I was in terrible shape. Mr. Barrett was recommended to me, and I am glad he was. His expertise was such a blessing. I was able to collect several hundred thousand dollars and we were able to get a cross walk with a light put in at the location where the accident happened. All the hospital employees and patients can now cross the street to the parking lot without worry of being struck by a car. Thank you for everything." Nina F. (Diamond Bar)

"Someone unexpectedly rear-ended my vehicle causing over $40K in damages. My neck and back were injured in the collision. The other person only had $100K in liability insurance, but, luckily I had $250K in Uninsured Motorist insurance coverage. BARRETT INJURY LAW explained that my Uninsured Motorist insurance also acted as Underinsured Motorist insurance. So BARRETT INJURY LAW was able to get the $100K from the responsible person's insurance company and the remaining $150K from my insurance company in an Underinsured Motorist action. I received every penny I was owed. Thanks to BARRETT INJURY LAW for maximizing my claim and searching for other avenues of recovery." Jeff I. (Portola Hills)