Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks, big-rigs, 18-wheelers, known all too well by motorists traveling our California highways and freeways, are the life-blood of our economy and interstate commerce. When their drivers are negligent or their maintenance is poor, catastrophic injuries usually result. On average an 18-Wheeler tractor-trailer can weigh in excess of 75,000 lbs. So when a collision occurs with one of these semi-trucks involving a passenger automobile at a high rate of speed, the collision can be and usually is catastrophic.

The National Highway & Transportation Safety Administration (NH&TSA) regulates the safety protocol for truck driver licensing and safety, and truckers are required by law to carry different limits of liability insurance than automobile drivers. This agency also requires mandatory maintenance logs and training for drivers that are often useful tools in determining liability for truck accidents or driver errors.

Commercial trucks and the employees who operate them are the responsibility of the company who owns and employs them. The insurance policies are higher and therefore the insurance companies want to protect their pocket books.

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