Uninsured Motor Claims

All states have laws that require drivers to show proof of their financial responsibility and ability to pay for personal injury or property damage to others in the event of a motor vehicle accident or collision. Most drivers satisfy this requirement by purchasing a liability insurance policy, but many cannot afford, or ignore, this obligation. The result is that the responsible drivers who purchase and carry liability insurance must also bear the burden of paying for their own injuries, or damage to their vehicle, caused by someone who has no insurance coverage. Alternatively, some drivers purchase the minimum amount of liability coverage permitted by law, which often is insufficient to cover the damages incurred by an injured person. This is referred to as being Underinsured. In an Underinsured Claim, you in essence have more insurance than the person or persons at fault. Therefore, you are entitled to make a claim for the difference with your own insurance company. Unfortunately, many people realize the importance of uninsured/underinsured coverage too late, i.e., after they or their family members have been injured by an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

Although 99% of all motor vehicle operators are licensed drivers, there is the chance that they are not, and therefore may not be covered under any insurance policy. There is also the case in which you as a non-fault party do not have liability insurance as required by law. Proposition 213 which went into effect in 1996, states that unless you can show financial responsibility by having a valid and enforceable vehicle liability insurance policy in force and effect at the time of the accident, that you are limited to your recovery against the responsible party, and are prohibited compensation for your pain and suffering. However, do not despair, we can help. You are still entitled to your medical bills, lost earnings and related property damages. CALL US NOW to find out how. Let us investigate your situation to make sure can collect for your injuries. There is no requirement that you or the person at fault be a resident of the United States in order to pursue and/or enforce your rights for personal injuries. BARRETT INJURY LAW will aggressively represent your interests, so do not delay, CONTACT US NOW.