Wrongful Death

Whenever the death of a person results from an injury inflicted by the negligence or wrongful act of another, damages may be recovered for the death from the person who caused it, or whose agent or servant caused it. If the act was willful or the negligence gross, punitive damages maybe recovered. The action shall be prosecuted by the personal representative of the deceased, often who are heirs, relatives or the executor of the estate. The primary objective in making a Wrongful Death Claim is to compensate the heirs of the decedent for their loss. This may include the lost income that would have been provided by the decedent, as well as the lost advice, care, comfort and companionship the deceased would have provided had they lived. Funeral expenses and associated costs may also be recoverable. Every loss is different, and at this time you need time to grieve and contemplate, while an experienced law firm handles the uncomfortable legal details.

A wrongful Death Claim and/or Lawsuit can be made as a result of an Automobile Accident, Truck Accident, Motorcycle Accident, and Work Related Accidents when it is not the employers fault. Usually a Wrongful Death Claim does not exist where the death was caused by the fault of the deceased, their employer or a co-worker. However, a Wrongful Death Claim may exist in the death of an unborn baby resulting from an accident caused by someone else's negligence.

At BARRETT INJURY LAW we are dedicated to getting to know the deceased as to who they were through the eyes and stories of the heirs and relatives. We explore every avenue to show the love, care, and support the decedent added to every family member's life. We are committed to painting a picture of the decedent's life in the grandest of light in order to illustrate the value of their life and the void that their loss has now created. Let us relieve you of the legal details in your time of sorrow. CONTACT US NOW so we can fully evaluate your possible Wrongful Death Claim in your time of need.